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Noua generatie de produse , Flathead 80, disponibil spre inchiriere, este un  hibrid intre calsicul KinoFlo si Image 87.


Inchirerea unui Flathead 80 ofera avantajele utilizarii unui KinoFlo pe partea de calitate a luminii impreuna cu puterea emisa de un corp mare cum este Image 87. 


What is a Flathead 80? Basically, the Flathead 80 is a hybrid Kino Flo. Its design adds flexibility and versatilty to the popular 4Bank portable system with the outsized soft light quality you’d expect from a large fixture like the Image 87. 
It can be hand-held, mounted on a light stand or hoisted from rigging points to work as a cool, energy efficient coop light. 

Kino Flo Flathead

  • The 8-Lamp Fixture
    • Aluminum alloy fixture housing
    • Reflector, Gel Frame, Louver
    • Twist-on Center Mount
    • True Match® daylight, tungsten
    The High Output Ballast (X2)
    • 4Bank and 4Bank DMX
    • Universal input 100VAC-240VAC
    • HO/Standard switching
    • Flicker-free, remote operation
    • Individual lamp control
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