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Kit-ul de inchiriere pentru camera video LDK 8300 de la Grassvalley contine:

- case transport

- body camera

- montura lentila

- lentila


In 1998, the LDK 23 camera set the
standard in standard-definition super
slow-motion (slo-mo). Now, a decade
later, Grass Valley is again setting the
standard with high-definition super
slo-mo with the introduction of
the LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo
camera. At major sporting events
in 2008, athletes scoring goals and
winning gold medals were captured
with the LDK 8300 and played back
in stunning slo-mo for millions of
viewers worldwide.

LDK 8300

  • 1x,2x,3x speed selectable

    Multi-format support 720p or 1080i:
    —1080i50/59.94 (1x)

    Unique AnyLight anti-flicker feature

    High-quality HD acquisition

    Signal-to-noise ratio for HD broadcast requirements: >57dB

    Enhanced cooling system

    Robust digital fiber transmission and communication

    High-quality, simultaneous SD output available during HD recording

    Same controls, look, and feel as LDK 8000 Standard and WorldCam cameras

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