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Panoul LED de la Swit este disponibil spre inchiriere.


160pcs of Edge-lit LEDs Soft-lighting Panel light

Area light, soft and glareless

S-2420C is a portable ultra-thin studio light, adopts 160pcs of ultra bright LEDs which distributed on the edge of the light body frame, through diffuser to form uniformly illuminated area light which is soft and glareless, and is very suitable for professional video and photography field such as mobile studios. 

Panou LED Swit Bi Color

  • LED 160PCS of ultra bright LEDs
    Luminance 623Lux @ 1m,260 Lux @ 2m
    Beam angle 75°
    Color temperature 5600K±300K ~ 3200K±200K
    CRI =96
    TLCI =98
    Power 40W
    Working voltage DC12V — 17V
    Weight 2.08kg
    Dimension 365mm x 400mm x 50mm
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